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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


After dad and I sat outside for another 30 minutes reading about the project I'm to do and where I'm to go and all about the "next steps", I send Sarah Jennerjahn, at Bennett's, an email delaring my last day to be October 1st, to which she promptly replies. "This is a big deal! Congratulations!" That was a relief to have done. Starbucks took a bit longer, I actually just did it today, pretending as if I hadn't known until the day before. Christine at Starbucks seemed dissappointed, but genuinly happy for me. So I have a definite day I'm through with these dead-end jobs. Nice. I bought a few books on Samoa, including a dictionary, a Lonely Planet, a map, as well as a converter for electronics (hey, it was only $3 on Amazon!). I haven't received them yet, but am looking forward to it this "weekend" over at dads.

On a non-PC note, I found on craiglist, picked up and brought over with Charlie, two huge newer T.V.s to dad's. One 35 inches, the other 27. Dad had been watching nothing but VHS tapes on his 12 inch screen for the past while since the big wooden set broke and it was just too small. It's been high time for a bigger, better TV, especially for someone who spends half his leisure time watching one movie, of course I'm referring to Contact. He's even written a screenplay for the sequel. I came across a sheet of lined scratch paper with which he had been brainstorming his ideas for it's title. I read them aloud to Alanna and Dad when I snatched it off the table. "Contact II" "The Second Contact" "E=MC2 Contact". At the last one, we burst into a fit of laughter at him, but he laughed along, embarrassed but admittedly amused by his silly idea.

Now, I've called the Office and have formally accepted my invitation and I need to worry about getting my wisdom teeth pulled and cavities taken care of. Hopefully Grandpa will help me pay for them, until dad can pay him back with my earned portion of the house sale. And get the "no fee" passport information Fed Exed today!

Oh, and Dad had another contractor make an estimate on the work the house needs and he quoted us at HALF the price the buyer's contractor did! Yay!



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