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Monday, August 17, 2009

"Congratulations on your choice to become a volunteer in ."

I received an email on Saturday announcing that I have indeed, been INVITED to Peace Corps service. That means I'm no longer being considered, nothing is being reviewed, my application is no longer active, it's DONE. All I have to do now, is accept or decline.


But the most important piece of information is still missing! Where am I supposed to be going?! The website even says "Congratulations on your choice to become a volunteer in ."
Just a blank space and a period. Again with the waiting! Well, after a year (three if you count the prior two years I was reJECTed), what's a few more days, eh?

AND, I finally got my mom to sign the Quit Claim Deed for my Dad to sell his house today. Phew!!

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