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Friday, May 28, 2010

Passover at Lili's

Lili threw a Passover party at her house for all who wanted to come. Rachel had met some Jewish students who were studying for a semester at University of South Pacific in Apia and invited them to come. We had fun making as many Passover dishes as we could with what limited ingredients were at Frankie’s (the Savaii grocery store). Most of us had little or no experience conducting the Passover rituals, but we had a guidebook to help us! We made the sader plate, complete with horseradish. And as we read through the book, we dipped our fingers in the wine for each plague that passed over Egypt, asked the four questions to Hallie, who was the youngest, and when we had leaned left and right several times, we ate. To make the celebrations complete, we watched The Big Lebowski.

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