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Friday, May 28, 2010

Eagles Can Carry Cows?

During the first week of school the Principal said “Maybe you should just observe me today and take notes”
“Sure, that’s great.” I replied. The 10-year-old students in year seven sat cross-legged on the floor listening intently. “The eagle is the strongest of the forest animals” the teacher boomed in a halted island accent. “So strong,” he continued, “it can lift the cow.” 


When I retold this story, these are some of the replies I got.

A.J. – “A 5 lb bird could not carry a 1 ton cow. To maintain air speed velocity, the eagle must beat it’s wings 34 times per second, am I right?” (making a parody of Monty Python’s Holy Grail)

Phil – “Maybe he was talking about the eagles from Lord of the Rings”


  1. Big Faamalo to you and the taulele'a for a job well done. (thumbs up)... You guys did a really good job... those steps looks great!

  2. 一切與生俱來的天然贈品,時間最為寶貴........................................


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