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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just another day in Vaipu'a

December 15, 2009

Today I slept until eleven on accident and didn’t get around to do anything until very late in the day. I didn’t really do anything anyway. I went to the beach and met Tili, the Methodist pastor’s daughter who’s visiting from New Zealand, there. We had a nice long talk sitting in the shade about her boyfriend, my boyfriend (Adam B.) and heaps of other stuff. We stayed there for a few hours (which her mom tisked at me for later, psh whatever) and I got sunburned, the worst I’ve gotten since I’ve been here. Not the worse I’ve ever been or anything though.

Then I went home and sat under the water pipe outside to cool down, took a shower, Talava asked me for my dirty laundry. I gave her a few things but kept my really dirty stuff for me to do later. Before the Sa, we went for a walk down to a house that’s far from the road on the north side and played a game of volleyball with some kids. We had some small fresh fish and rice for dinner. After dinner we joked around and looked at my language book a little bit. Foni did some balancing trick with a beer bottle, a fork, a spoon and a very small stick. I took one of the small sticks and made pegs for my wooden earrings and poked them through my lobes, to everyone’s astonishment. Earrings really make a difference. They make you feel like a girl, even when you are sweaty and dirty and your skin looks like an old catchers’ mitt.

We took a walk down to Asi’s house again because the Methodist Youth group was busy practicing for a play they were going to perform this Friday. All the girls wore puletasis and Loli Tui was there leading the songs. It was very much like the plays I’ve seen in Samoa so far. All with a Bible story or moral lesson attached. There are choir songs and group dances, a couple key actors for the story. The main character is the sinner and he or she comes to weep and pray to Jesus to forgive them for what they did. Jesus forgives and the choir sings a triumphant song. The end.

We sat around, the pastor’s daughters, my host sisters and I for a bit. Not talking about anything really interesting at all, but leaving at midnight.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get up at a decent hour and have a long busy day. I WILL visit every house tomorrow!! Well, at least every house on the main road.

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